Eid Celebrations in Sacramento
By Ras H. Siddiqui

Pictures above: Glimpses of the Eid celebrations in Sacramento

Eid-ul-Fitr , marking the end of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan was observed by thousands of Muslim-Americans in the Sacramento area at local Mosques on Friday, September 10 th with no reports of the occasion being observed on September 11 th. For local Pakistani-Americans the usual joy and enthusiasm of Eid was somewhat dampened due to the flood crisis in the home country. But the women and children from our community did try to brighten things up.

This reporter first attended the Chand Raat festivities at the local La Sierra Community Center arranged by Farrukh Hashmi of Mehran Restaurant on Thursday, September 9 th.

The venue was all wonderfully set and the booths were bright and colorful, and the food was great awaiting the crowds which just didn’t appear in significant numbers. One reason could be that the fundraising events for flood victims in Pakistan during “ Ramzan” had taken a toll. But on another note a suggestion could be forwarded that a single well-attended event should suffice in the area, instead of several sparsely attended ones.

Once again this scribe joined the Eid prayers at the Downtown Sacramento “V” Street Muslim Mosque where Imam Qasmi lead the congregation. This venue nicknamed the “Pakistani Mosque” due to its humble beginnings at the time of Pakistani independence in 1947 is now almost old enough to be a local historical landmark.  The Mosque cannot accommodate all of its members at one time and even two Eid prayers have a large spillover of Namaazis into the outside courtyard.          

Eid prayers at this Mosque are a true reflection of a traditional Pakistani “Eid Gah”

where almost all of the ethnic groups from Baluchistan, Kashmir, KP, Punjab and Sindh get together to pray. This year a number of African-American, Hispanic and Asian  Muslims also joined in to give the event an additional Sacramento flavor, but Pakistani-Americans still far outnumbered any other group.

Imam Qasmi stressed additional dua’s this time for a number of causes especially the victims of the flood calamity that has hit Pakistan recently. At this time one needs to add some words of thanks to all of the greater Sacramento area Muslims and Mosques for their tremendous support shown towards our community while donations were being collected through most of the month of Ramadan for Pakistanis in need.

In conclusion once again some words of praise for the children who brightened up Eid day in Sacramento with their colorful attire and smiling faces. Let us pray that millions of  children back in Pakistan are able to celebrate this occasion with a roof over their heads on this occasion as early as next year.  



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