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Asian American Community Endorses Debra Silverstien . Pakistan Day Celebrated at the Consulate General of Pakistan Pakistan Muslim League (N) Celebrates Pakistan Day . Halqa e Arbaab e Urdu Discusses Omar Khayyam and Princess Abida Sultan of Bhopal

By Dr. Mujahid Ghazi

Pakistan Day Celebrated at the Consulate General of Pakistan


Pakistan Day was celebrated on the eve of 23rd March at the Consulate General of Pakistan in the heart of downtown Chicago. In addition to the prominent Pakistani Americans a large number of City, State and Federal officials along with diplomats attended this graceful occasion. National anthems of Pakistan and US were played and the Consul General Zaheer Pervez Khan spoke briefly about the importance of this day in Pakistan’s history. It was a very well organized event in respect of presentation and attendance. Messages from the president and priminister of Pakistan were distributed to the media. Small portions of Pakistani delicacies including Gajar Halwa were circulated to add to the celebration.


Asian American Community Endorses Debra Silverstien


In a packed meeting of South Asian community leaders and the South Asian Media leaders from various community organizations endorsed Debra Silverstein for the office of Alderman 50th Ward. Debra Silverstein is running in the upcoming runoff elections on 6th April and is expected to face a tough competition with 30 years veteran Alderman Bernard Stone. Keerthi Kumar Ranvori conducted the meeting. Among the leaders who endorsed Debra Siverstien were Dr. Gajela from Indo American Democratic organization, Dr. Ashish Sen from West Ridge Community Organization, Jamshed Nasim and Sadruddin Noorani from Pakistani American community. Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky made a special appearance to show her support to the candidate. She said she has closely worked with her husband Senator Ira Silverstien and having Debra elected would facilitate the development and progress of this ward enormously. She further said that Devon Avenue is like an uncut diamond and we have to make this international market place what it deserves. Senator Ira Silverstein introduced Debra and said she has been involved with him in overlooking issues related to this ward and in his opinion she is the best person to be elected for this office. Debra Silverstein said she is the mother of four and knows what the families go through and will try to develop best environment for the residents of 50th Ward when elected. She reiterated that she will work to create more openness and transparency in the dealing of the ward. She said there is a lot which has not been done in the past and with the help of South Asian Community she wants to make this ward an example for everyone else. Later she responded to the questions from the media.


Pakistan Muslim League (N) Celebrates Pakistan Day


The Chicago chapter of Pakistan Muslim League (N) celebrated Pakistan Day at Sabri Nihari Banquet. The program started with the recitation of Holy Qur’an followed by a Qir’at and speech competition. Raja Mohammad Yaqoob welcomed the guests and stress on the unity of the community. 50th Ward Aldermanic candidate Debra Siverstein also spoke to the audience and congratulated the Pakistani American community. Commissioner for Water Reclamation Frank Avilla spoke about his long relationship with the Pakistani community. The Banquet hall was packed to its capacity with Pakistani Americans from all ages. There were Pakistani flags and green and white balloons all around the place.


Halqa e Arbaab e Urdu Discusses Omar Khayyam and Princess Abida Sultan of Bhopal


In the monthly literary meeting of Halqa e Arbab e Urdu a very detailed discussion was done on the poetry of Omar Khayyam. Dr. Hafeezuddin who came all the way from St. Louis Missouri gave a power point presentation on the poet. He said Omar Khayyam is taken as poet but he was a great scientist and author on mathematics and Algebra. He further said that most of his Rubaiyats are wrongly translated. He presented few of his on translations. Dr. Bashir Ahmed talked on the biography of Princess Abida Sultan of Bhopal. Later on local poets and writers read their creations. First time in the history of these meetings a large number of youth was seen. Talha Makki a young Pakistani American also presented his work which was praised by the audience. Amin Haider masterly conducted this meeting.





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