Chicago Roundup
Farhan Noorani Addresses the Clemente Achievement Academy

By Dr Mujahid Ghazi

Farhan Noorani, a Pakistani American, was the keynote speaker at the Clemente Achievement Academy function

It was a room packed with students waiting to receive their awards at the Clemente Achievement Academy High School in the near west of downtown Chicago. They were mostly from Latino and Afro-American background.

Like all high schools in rough neighborhoods, the building was completely equipped with cameras and metal detectors with security personnel roaming around in the hallways. In this gloomy environment there was a big surprise. One after another the students got up to receive their achievement awards for excellence in education and other extracurricular activities.

Academy Director Dr. Nguyen Hieu proudly gave the statistics of an upward shift in enrolment and graduation compared to the previous years. Principal David G. Gilligan said this is a great success after all the hardships the students go through. He said one day you will look back and see what you have achieved.

Young Pakistani American author Farhan Noorani was the keynote speaker. He said we are not here to celebrate what you achieved last year but we are here to celebrate what you will achieve in the coming years. As a young Pakistani American author Farhan wrote a novel “Mea Culpa.” He talked about his book and what made him write it.

He said Mea Culpa means ‘these are my mistakes’. He said that’s what his book is all about to recognize mistakes and to handle them and getting back to normal. He said the mistakes we make shape us to one who we will be. He said it is normal to make mistakes. He said the awards and accomplishments show who you will be in future.

Farhan’s novel Mea Culpa is about the corporate world and its perils. Filled with espionage, greed and roller coaster relationships his book takes you to the modern-day America.




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