Dr. Shahid Athar Gets Dr. Ahmed El Kadi Award


On July 19, 2011 at its 44 th annual convention in San Juan Puerto Rico, the Islamic Medical Association of North America (www.imana.org ) awarded Dr. Shahid Athar its prestigious Dr. Ahmed El Kadi Award.

IMANA was founded in 1967. It serves American Muslim physicians. Late Dr. ElKadi was one of its founders. He was a cardiothoracic surgeon, trained in Austria. He did original research and published on Islamic Medicine and immunotherapy. He died in 2009. IMANA established the Elkadi award in 2010. Dr. Hussain Nagamia, another cardiothoracic surgeon from Florida, received the first ElKadi award.

Shahid Athar, MD, FACP, FACE is a practicing endocrinologist in Indianapolis. He is a clinical associate professor at Indiana University School of Medicine. Like Dr. ElKadi he was president of IMANA and has written extensively on Islamic Medicine, medical ethics and spirituality. (www.islam-usa.com )

Dr. Athar’s previous awards include Teacher of the Year Award (twice) and distinguished physician award from St. Vincent Hospital Indianapolis, Gov. Otis Bowen Award from Indianapolis Medical Society for community service and Laureate Physician award from American College of Physicians (Indiana Chapter).



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