Pakistan Link Hosts Independence Day Reception
A Pakistan Link Report
Pictures by YKKB and Anwar Khawaja

Anaheim, CA: Pakistan Link hosted a reception at the Mughal Tandoori Restaurant on August 13 to celebrate Pakistan’s 65th Independence Day. Almost all the leading lights of the community attended the reception and spiritedly joined the youthful trio of Jazmyn Mansuri, Alina Ahmad, and Malaika Jamal in singing the national anthem. It was a rare spectacle with each attendee demonstrating unrestrained, effusive love for Pakistan.

The show of affection for the mother country appeared infectious as the evening wore on. Indeed, such sublime emotions have rarely been seen in the past.

This was also true of the scintillating speeches delivered on the occasion. The speakers - Acting Consul General Dr. Muhammad Khalid Ejaz, Commander Eric G. Parra of Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, Pervaiz Lodhie, Meher Tabatabai, Ahmed Ali, Hamid Malik, Adnan Khan, Samin Faruqi, Arif Mansuri, Zafar Abbas, and Yumnah Syed – appeared buoyant and hopeful of the future as they recounted Pakistan’s tumultuous past and the more recent agonizing events.

Zafar Abbas emceed the proceedings and furnished convincing proof once again that there is no one quite like him to be entrusted with the task. His tribute to Pakistan Link spoke of his singular large-heartedness, one that only a gentleman of noble lineage could make. Qazi Asad, who has the distinction of being the first Muslim Chaplin of North America, led the dua.

The hall was tastefully decorated, thanks to the painstaking efforts of Debbie Mansuri, Rubina Faruqi and Abida Ahmad: the green and white Pakistani flag was in full view as the guests entered the spacious hall and greeted one another on the auspicious occasion. The food was delectable and the restaurant ambiance delightful and soul-lifting.

Arif Mansuri, President of PL Publications, was presented a portrait sketched by Zafar Abbas. He richly deserved the poet’s glowing admiration of his multifarious services. Perhaps more, in recognition of what Mansuri has done consistently for the community over the years.



Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
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