What it Means to Be an American Muslim
By Munira Syeda
Communications Manager
CAIR, Anaheim


Ramadan is certainly a time to charge our spiritual batteries. However, the occasion also provides a unique opportunity for some positive media coverage.

We know well the effects of being under a negative media spotlight. What’s the best counter to that? Ample positive media coverage.

Engaging media is important because a vast majority of Americans’ first opinions of Muslims are formed through TV, the internet or newspapers. Also, the media can serve as a vehicle in sharing the immense contributions of American Muslims.

Here are some tips on engaging both the traditional and social media this Ramadan:

… What it Means to be an American Muslim: The Orange County Register would like to hear from Muslim community members on this topic. So, please share your stories. Submission guidelines can be found here as well as here. Deadlines are fast approaching.

… Organizing or participating in feeding the homeless in Ramadan? Humanitarian Day will take place on Sunday at 11 a.m. Please participate and write about its significance in Islam for a local blog or newspaper.

… Holding a community iftar at your mosque? Consider inviting a couple of reporters and/or editors from your local newspaper to the iftar.

… Make a video of your Ramadan experience and post it to Youtube.

… A facebook fanatic? We have plenty of nice stories on Ramadan on our facebook page. Forward these to family and friends and please be sure to like us on facebook. For each new ‘like’ we get this month, $3 will be donated to CAIR-LA.

… Into tweeting? Use an existing hashtag such as #Ramadan or try creating #fastinginsocal and tweet away about your hour-by-hour or day-to-day Ramadan updates. While you’re at it, please follow us. $2 will be donated to CAIR-LA for each new follower this month.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at (714) 776-1847 or e-mail msyeda@cair.com.



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