Madras-I-Aliya Reunion
By Mohammad Yacoob
Pictures by Anwar Khawaja

The Fifth Madras-I-Aliya Reunion was held on November 12, 2011 at the Knotts Berry Farm Resort Hotel, Buena Park, California. The Madras-I-Aliya Reunion committee members are: Syed Asif Quadri, Mohammad Mohiuddin, Mahmood Ahmed Khan and Mohammad Yacoob.

The emcee for the evening was Syed Asif Quari. He greeted all the attendees, students of Madras-I-Aliya, and their spouses. He invited Mirza Ahmed Baig, founding member of the Madras-I-Aliya Reunion Committee, to deliver his welcome address.

Mohammad Yacoob was the next speaker. He paid tributes to the teachers of Madras-I-Aliya. At the end of his speech he requested the gathering to observe a 30-second silence or to read Sura Fatiha for the following students of Aliya who passed away in 2011:

Dr. Omer Khalidi, Hisamuddin Akbar, Dr. Mohsin Ali Baig, Syed Ali Raza, Mahmood Abutalib and Khairuddin Siddiq.

Syed Asif Quadri invited Riazuddin Ahmed to address the gathering and pay tribute to Dr. Omer Khalidi. A plaque was awarded to him posthumously for his contribution to Hyderabad culture and heritage.

The next speaker was Mirza Tugral Baig, who spoke about the culture and heritage of Madras-I-Aliya.

Mohammad Mohiuddin then recited a poem written by Ghulam Khader Khan, a former student of Aliya.

During dinner Mahmood Khan introduced the students of Madras-I-Aliya.

Mohammad Yacoob, later, recited a few qitahs of poets in Hyderabad Urdu.

Vote of thanks and information of future events were given by Ahsan Ansari and Sharafat Hussain.

The entertainment was provided by Dr. Badar Iqbal.



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