Making the Vision a Reality
Washington, DC


A fter announcing his resignation, Ambassador Haqqani tweeted, “I have much to contribute to building a new Pakistan free of bigotry and intolerance. Will focus energies on that.” The Pakistani American Leadership Center (PAL-C) wishes him the greatest of success.

At PAL-C we continue to work towards that same goal while realizing that ultimately, it must be Pakistanis themselves that must decide the direction, define the process, and realize the goal of a “new” Pakistan.

There are reasons for optimism as PAL-C Director Pervaiz Lodhie notes, “There are continuous signs that slowly but surely Pakistan is moving towards democracy, good governance and rule of law. We are not there yet but the direction is right. There is a clear effort to bring balanced responsibility between Parliament, Judiciary and the Military to protect Pakistan’s sovereignty and keep it secure and strong. I hope this maturity of all key institutions continues.”

That maturity was at least rhetorically evident in a speech given by current Pakistan Chief of Army Staff, General Kayani in July of this year: “Pakistan Army being a National Army, derives its strength from the people of Pakistan and is answerable to the people and their representatives in the Parliament. Accordingly, Pakistan Army considers peoples’ support vital for its operations against terrorists, and believes that only the people of Pakistan can determine the national interest and Army’s role in their achievement.”

At PAL-C we continue to look forward to a Pakistan that truly represents the wishes of its people and allows them to achieve their potential.

We look forward to working with Ambassador Haqqani’s successor to make that vision a reality.



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