Karachi University Alumni Association Organizes Bait Bazi Competition
Pictures by Anwar Khawaja

The Karachi University Alumni Association organized a lively “Bait Bazi” competition on Saturday, November 19, 2011, at the Ashiana Restaurant in Diamond Bar. The organizers - Dr Riffat Khan, Amber Mujtaba, Majeed Akhtar, Major Mujatab Adil, Asad Ali, Zafar Husseini, and Rukhsana Lalani - worked tirelessly to organize the scintillating event. The highly entertaining event was truly a service to the cause of Urdu.

Well-known poet Majeed Akhtar was the host of the show. Consul General Mrs Riffat Masood was the guest of honor and Major Mujtaba Adil was the judge of the friendly competition. Dr. Feroz Alam, Syed Asad Ali, Irfan Murtaza and Shariq Zaidi formed the men’s team. Shaista Alam, Parveen Imdad, Asifa Nishat made up the women’s team.

Prominent community members including Mrs Riffat Mateen, Farhat Khawaja, Dr Farhana Mohammad, Mrs Naheed, Mahasal Khan, and Zafar Abbass were also present. Everybody enjoyed the poetry recital by the two teams. Anwar Khawaja and Mahasal Khan presented shields to the participants. The interesting event came to an around midnight.



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