‘I Am Singh’ Movie Promotion at Manhattan Mosque

The movie “I am Singh” was launched on Friday, December 2nd, 2011. And the press conference happened on Monday, Dec 5th at the Delhi Palace Restaurant. The writer, director and actor in the film, Mr. Puneet Issar, came from Mumbai to New York especially for the weekend promotional tour.

The message of “I am Singh” is actually a Campaign for Tolerance. The film is based around events occurring in the aftermath of 9/11, when there was a backlash against all things perceived to be Muslims, or Arabs, or Middle eastern. One of those victimized was the Sikh community. Since wearing turbans and having beards is the norm for Sikh males, many Sikh men were attacked and one was killed, being mistaken for being an Arab. “I am Singh” traces such an event and how the community sought help from the American justice which came to the defense of the community.

The centerpiece event of the campaign was a town hall meeting at the Islamic Cultural Center of New York on Saturday at 12.30 p.m., located at 96th street and 3rd avenue. (street entrance is on 97th street). http://www.islamicculturalcenter-ny.org/

You may ask yourself as to why are they promoting a Bollywood movie at a Mosque in Manhattan? Well the answer to that lies in the very reason this movie was made, which is a movement in itself. We are not simply defending the right of Sikhs through this film and promotional campaign. We are actually defending the American Dream itself: that all Americans have the right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, regardless of their color, creed, appearance, etc. And the very fact that a Mosque has offered to promote a Bollywood movie shows the interfaith solidarity that we are seeing in this campaign, and it is a story in itself!

The venue was the Islamic Cultural Center of New York, and the program began immediately following the Zohur prayers which began promptly at 12:30 and ended at 12:45 sharp. So we invited the media to come and set up there at noon time.

Media Enquiries can be forwarded to Leena Ahmed at ASB Communications at lahmed@asbcommunications.com (212)216-9305 x 105. “I am Singh” opened on Friday to a Global release. In Manhattan, AMC Empire Times Square is one of the screens. Other locations are on www.iamsinghfilm.com




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