Chicago Roundup
Kashmir Day Celebrated at the Consul General’s Office . Hundreds Rally in Chicago to Show solidarity with the Egyptian Pro-Democracy Movement

By Dr. Mujahid Ghazi



Kashmir Day Celebrated at the Consul General’s Office


Chicago : Kashmir Day was observed last Saturday at the Consul General’s office in Chicago. A large number of community members gathered to address the issue of Kashmir. Commercial Attaché Mr. Asad Hyauddin conducted the meeting.

After the recitation of the Holy Qur’an by Mubashir Feroze, two young Pakistani-American girls, Mawara Akhtar Ali and Varisha Akhtar Ali, daughters of Pakistan- American industrialist Mr. Akhtar Ali, spoke briefly about the history and disputed issue of Kashmir. “ Kashmir one day Insha Allah will be free,” said Mawara. She protested the aggression and oppression by the Indian security forces against the unarmed population of Indian-occupied Kashmir.

Mr. Javed Rathore, a Pakistani-Kashmiri-American activist, gave a detailed account of the history of the freedom struggle in Kashmir and highlighted the facts justifying this struggle. Speaking in Urdu he said that Kashmiris can’t live without Pakistan. He referred to the UN resolutions and blamed India for ignoring the right of self determination of the Kashmiris.

Another Pakistani-American industrialist, Mr. Munir Akhtar, stressed the need for unity among the Pakistani and Kashmiri community in the US to promote the cause of Kashmir. He said that we have to use our resources collectively to create awareness about the issue of Kashmir.

Mr. Zaheer Pervez Khan, Consul General of Pakistan in the Midwest, thanked the community for coming in large numbers. He said as opposed to the previous years he made it a point to organize this day on a bigger scale. He repeated the stand of the Pakistani government on the issue of Kashmir and demanded a plebiscite in accordance with the resolutions of the United Nations. He read out a message from the president of Pakistan.

The president commended the effort and struggle of the Kashmiri people and assured them of the continued support of the Pakistani people and the government for their movement for justice and freedom. He condemned the oppression and human rights violations by the Indian Government.


Hundreds Rally to Show Solidarity with the Egyptian Pro-Democracy Movement


Chicago :Last Friday, a day after the historical blizzard in Chicago, hundreds of protestors from all ethnicities, race and color gathered in front of the Egyptian Consulate to show solidarity and support with the millions of Egyptians fighting to uphold justice and sanity in Egypt.

Among the speakers were representatives of various human rights, political and community organizations. Dr. Zaher Sehloul, chairman CIOGC, condemned the malicious efforts of the current regime to curb the movement. He condemned the violence and aggression on the armless peaceful protestors at Tahrir Square.

Osama Jamal of Mosque Foundation asked president Obama and the US policy makers to act according to the aspirations of the common Egyptian people.

Ms Deena and Professor Cherif Basiouni represented the Egyptian American Association in Chicago and condemned the manipulative tactics of Hosni Mubarak and asked for his immediate removal from office.

Professor Bassiouni said that he is afraid that if the army comes into power or the extreme right takes advantage of the situation then this whole movement will prove to be lost. This scribe also spoke at the rally representing the North side South Asian Muslims.

The event was masterly conducted by Laith Saud and Yassir Tabbara.


Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
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