Hameed Ullah Jan Afridi Visits Saba Trust
By Zainab Javed

Mr. Hameed Ullah Jan Afridi, Minister of Environment, visited Saba Trust Saba Homes recently. Saba Trust chairman’s distinguished fellow Rotarians were also present on the occasion. They included: Mr. Munir Ahmed, immediate past president Rotary Club Rawalpindi; Mr. Manzoor Ahmed Malik past president; Haji Iftikhar Ahmed Chairman Distribution Relief District 73272; Mr. Muzammil Ahmed Zahid Saddar Rotary Club; Mr. Rashid Mashkoor, Secretary Rawalpindi; and Dr. Ifrahim Satti, Assistant Governor.

The minister was given a brief presentation on the Saba Trust Saba Homes, and later took a tour of the premises. The tour of Saba Homes, where twenty-six orphan girls reside, was greatly enjoyed by the honorable minister and members of his entourage.

After the tour, the Minister enjoyed a short presentation by the Saba Girls during which they sang a song titled ‘Oh Allah, we love you so.” It was afterward related to us by respected Mr. Hamid Raza Afridi, National Project Manager, Gender Justice, a long-time friend, supportor and board advisor of Saba Trust, that he himself along with Honourable Minister and team were truly moved and inspired by the girls’ song. Following the presentation, the Environment Minister addressed the gathering and expressed his pleasure, satisfaction and commitment to personnally support the Saba Homes’ cause; he said that he was committing himself in whatever capacity he could, and will include Saba Girls in environmental activities and make them a part of the Ministry’s Green Club. He then gave a colourful gift bag to each girl.


Mr. Saghir Aslam, Saba Trust Saba Homes’ founder and chairman, in his brief

speech, said tha he daily prays to Allah subhana wa ta ‘ Ala to bless us to produce doctors, engineers, scientists and hopefully, selfless leaders like the Quaid-i-Azam and Allama Muhammad Iqbal from among the orphans. He told the audience with great pride that there was no institution in Pakistan or anywhere else in the world comparable with Saba Trust Saba Homes. “We provide what is most important to these children, which is to listen to them, and know what their wants and needs are.”

He explained the future plans, aims and objectives in regard to the expansion of services to accommodate more girls and build a Saba Homes for Boys as well, possibly within a Saba Homes Village if Allah subhana wa ta ‘Ala would bless us further and open all the necessary doors to allow us to accomplish this goal.


Recording his impressions of the visit in the Guests Book, the Minister wrote:

“It was really a pleasure and honour to be here in Saba Homes. May Allah give Saghir Sahib long life, courage and the strength to take ahead this cause which will eventually benifit the poor and needy people as well as produce talent in taking Pakistna ahead. May Allah bless Saghir Sahib and his wife and may Allah reward them on the day of Judgement.” - Hameed Ullah Jan Afridi

The Minister was accompanied by a strong entourage from his cabinet, Deputy Director Media Mr. Hamid J. Awan, Protocal Officer Mr. Khaliq Uddin, PRO Mr. Amir Shahzad Malik, and press and media representatives.


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