MoneyGram Teams up with International Cricket Council (ICC)  

left (L to R): Juan Agualimpia, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer; Harsh Lambah, Regional Director, South Asia; Zainab Ali, Senior Marketing Manager, and Robert Farrell, VP Marketing. Pictures in center and right provide glimpses of the event

Sponsorship Facts

Quick Facts


• has signed a long-term sponsorship agreement with the International Cricket Council (ICC)

• is the official money transfer sponsor of the ICC

• is a local level sponsor for the ICC World Cup 2011 which takes place in Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka from Feb. 19 to April 2, 2011

• will have a presence at all the major ICC cricket tournaments around the world during 2011-2015

• will make future announcements about is long-term sponsorship after the World Cup 2011

• invites visits to its cricket microsite

• has a network of over 30,000 agent locations throughout Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka in support of this sponsorship

• sponsored the ICC’s Twenty 20 World Cup 2010 held in the West Indies


Why Cricket?

• There is much common ground between the countries where cricket is popular, the fans, and where they live around the world and MoneyGram’s services. Cricket keeps people connected to their homeland and families – just like MoneyGram does for immigrants around the world. Being involved in the ICC Twenty20 2010 further reinforced this not only to MoneyGram but our consumers and it seems logical that we would build upon those synergies by expanding our relationship with the ICC.

• Partnering with the ICC is an excellent opportunity to reach people in key regions and let them know how easy it is to send money back home using a trusted and reliable service. It also provides us a good platform to connect with those who receive remittances, ensuring they know of our service. MoneyGram is not just providing a financial service; we are helping family and friends stay connected and supported.

• The broader South Asia region – where most of the ICC tournaments will be held in the next few years – makes up one of the largest remittance markets in the world. It is not only important for us to expose our brand in these countries but also to those who are sending money transfers from around the world. With more than 200 million people living outside of their country of birth, and a large segment of those from countries in which cricket is popular (for instance 30 million from India), it makes a lot of sense for MoneyGram to reinforce our brand to this audience, our target consumer, through cricket.

• India, which has one of the largest bases of cricket fans in the world, is one of the largest money transfer markets with more than $55 billion in remittances sent only in 2010, according to the World Bank.




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