Dr. Muhammad Abdul Waheed Fakhri Passes away

We at IQRA’ are deeply saddened to have lost today, February 22, 2011, one of our founding figures, Dr. Muhammad Abdul Waheed Fakhri. Dr. Fakhri was born into a religiously observant family from Jalandhar, East Punjab. He received his higher education in Pakistan ( Punjab University) and in the USA ( University of Michigan), where he demonstrated deep personal piety, professional skill, and excellence of scholarship, traits which he continued to display to the very end of his life. He worked as a professor of curriculum and administration at the Chicago State University, and passed his rich experience to the community without demanding compensation or desiring recognition.

Dr. Fakhri was the founding president, chairman and member of many organizations which he directed to success, such as Muslim Community Center of Chicago, the Association of Muslim Social Scientists and the Madrasah Ta clīm al-Islām.


His most enduring contribution to Islamic education was made through his leadership role as the founding chairman of IQRA’ International Educational Foundation. IQRA’ completed its comprehensive program of Islamic Studies and initiated many new projects under his guidance.


The Board of Directors of IQRA’ International Educational Foundation, its staff, all Ansars of IQRA’ and community at large would like to take this opportunity to remember the contributions that Dr. Fakhri made to Islamic education. We pray that Allah will take into account all of the young believers who benefitted from his tireless efforts and work. We also pray that he will receive the heartening intercession of the Prophet whom he loved so dearly.


The janazah prayer for Dr. Fakhri was held at the Islamic Foundation of Villa Park, on February 23, 2011.


We request that you recite Surah al-Fatihah for the soul of Dr. Muhammad Abdul Waheed Fakhri.



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