Dr. Ghazanfar Receives 2010 Idaho Treasure Award


Dr. S.M. Ghazanfar of the University of Idaho was recently awarded the 2010 Idaho Treasure Award. The Award honors retired faculty members who have continued to make significant contributions and service to the University and the community.  On behalf of the University Retirees Association, the Award was presented by the University President at a recent ceremony, attended by over 100 faculty, staff, community friends, and family members.  Among 35 such recipients, Dr. Ghazanfar is the only Muslim-American to be honored. 

Originally from Pakistan, Dr. Ghazanfar came to the USA as a freshman student in 1958, and joined the University of Idaho faculty in 1968.  During his 40 years (absent a few sabbatical years) at the University, he served in various capacities, including economics department chair for several years, and following his emeritus status, as adjunct professor, 2003-2008.  He also directed the University’s International Studies Program, 1988-93, which he helped establish. 

He served the Idaho Legislature as a consultant on revenue forecasts for 25 years.  Widely published, his most recent work has focused on the origins of economic thought in early Islamic discourses and Islam-West civilization linkages.  Two of his recent books are:  Medieval Islamic Economic Thought:  Filling the ‘Great Gap’ in European Economics, Routledge-Curzon, London (2003), and Islamic Civilization: History, Influence and Contributions — A Compendium of Literature, Little-Brown Publishers, Lanham, Maryland (2006).    

Listed in numerous Who’s Who, Dr. Ghazanfar has received 25+ teaching/research excellence awards, plus outstanding faculty awards, as well as the life-time contributions award by the University. With over $100,000 contributed in his honor by students, the University established a classroom in his name in 2006. In 2007, his alma mater extended him its highest recognition—Washington State University Distinguished Alumnus Achievement Award and also inducted him in the University’s Hall of Honor. 

He serves on the City’s Human Rights Commission, which he helped establish in 2004, having received the Distinguished Commissioner Award in 2008.  He also received the Martin Luther King Distinguished Service Award from the University of Idaho in 2007.  In 2007, he founded the Moscow CommUNITY Walk event, endorsed by the Idaho Legislature, the Idaho Governor, the City Mayor, and the University; the UNITY-Walk event is celebrated each year.  In 2006 he received the City’s Unity Award.  

Dr. Ghazanfar is an active member of the area's Interfaith Council and continues to be engaged in voluntary community and university activities, and as a guest-lecturer/speaker in the region on topics related to Islam/Islamic Civilization/Islamophobia, globalization, as well as various human-rights issues.



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