Mayor Pledges to Support Community at Eid Celebrations in Rancho Cucamonga
Pictures by Anwar Khwaja

Eid-ul-Adha celebrations at the residence of Dr. Talat Khan in Rancho Cucamonga

On Nov.20, 2010, Eid-ul-Adha was celebrated in good spirits at the residence of Dr. Talat Khan. She, along with her family, hosted about 300 of her friends, relatives and prominent community members. The guest of honor was the newly-elected Mayor of Rancho Cucamonga, who was supported by the community during his elections all the way from his running for City Council to the Mayor’s position.

The threatening clouds and thunderstorms had taken a break for a few hours providing the 300 guests who had gathered a welcome relief to enjoy the day with home-cooked qurbani food and plenty of party games and gifts.

Dr. Talat Khan greeted the Mayor and introduced him to the audience. She dilated on how the Muslim community, which comprises highly educated individuals, gets together to celebrate religious festivals. She urged the Mayor to support the Muslim community at this difficult time when hatred and Islamophobia are rampant. The Mayor has been a witness to the community living as a peaceful, law-abiding group of responsible citizens. Dennis Michel showed his appreciation for the help he had received from the community. He promised to stand by them at all times. He also invited the community members to his oath-taking ceremony at the City Hall.




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