PAKPAC Condemns Assassination of Governor Punjab


Washington , DC: “ Pakistan American Public Affairs Committee (PAKPAC) joins all fellow Pakistani Americans in strongly condemning the assassination of Mr. Salman Taseer, the twenty-sixth Governor of Punjab. Our deepest sympathies are with Governor Taseer's wife and children… ,” says a press statement. It adds:

Pakistan American community has been in a state of shock and immense grief on hearing the news. Although details as to the motive of the crime are yet to surface, initial indications are that this brutal murder one again raises the fundamental issue: that religious indoctrination is feeding the fires of hatred and intolerance . Lately, Mr. Taseer had become an outspoken champion of tolerance and women rights. He supported the rights of all minorities in Pakistan, opposed extremism and Talibanisation, and was against misuse of laws to marginalize minorities…

Islam is a faith which teaches respect and tolerance for all people. There is considerable respect for the people of Abrahamic and other faiths. Prophet Mohammed’s (SAW) life is a perfect example of tolerance, love and respect for all people. It was by his love and character that he won the hearts of all people. Using the same faith and the same perfect personality (SAW) to justify killing the innocent and the minorities is the worst form of blasphemy against The Faith.

Pakistan American Public Affairs Committee President Dr. Suleman asked the people of Pakistan to stand up peacefully yet firmly against the voices of intolerance and hate in any shape or form. "This type of indoctrination is the single biggest threat to the humanity at this time. Only the larger society can get rid of this menace from all levels within the society. This is the time to unite and join forces and recover the faith of Peace and Love," he said. Dr. Suleman asked the Pakistani authorities to investigate thoroughly and share their full findings with the Pakistani people. He appealed to the Law enforcement agencies and citizens of Punjab to maintain law and order in Lahore and other cities in Punjab.



Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
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