Mohammad Mukhtiar Azam Retires


Mr Mohammad MukhtiarAzam, who spent 30 years with the County of Los Angeles Probation Department where he earned the distinction of being the first Pakistani American to serve as a Deputy Probation Officer, has retired past October.

Mr. Azam graduated from Peshawar University Khyber Law School with a Master’s in Political Science. He immigrated to the United States in 1971, where he continued his legal education, duly completing three years of law school, and was admitted for candidacy for the California Bar Exam.

Mr. Azam began his career in law enforcement with the San Diego Police Department as an Officer. He then moved to the Los Angeles County to join the Probation Department in 1982. His duties included appearing in court to report on juvenile gang offenders and adult probationers. He also handled high risk offenders, drunk drivers, domestic violence abusers, and welfare fraud cases. Besides, Mr. Azam submitted Probation and Sentencing Reports to the Superior Court of California on the status of various offenders.

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors awarded Mr. Azam his Certificate of Retirement for his excellent service and achievement. He is currently planning to write a book about his experience with America’s Judicial System.


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