Chicago Roundup
MQM USA Calls for Unity . Memon Business Community Discusses Business Strategies . Parade Committee Meets CG Zaheer Pervez Khan

 By Dr. Mujahid Ghazi

MQM USA Calls for Unity

Chicago; July 9 th, 2011: During the 15 th Annual Convention and 3 rd Grand Assembly Kunwar Naveed Jamil, member of the Rabita Committee Pakistan, said the MQM tried to keep democracy running in Pakistan and on many occasions compromised against their will to keep the system running for the sake of the country and its people while during such trying times many workers lost their lives. But when it came to the interest of Pakistan we didn’t compromise and left the government without giving it a second thought. He said even when we were in the government we didn’t compromise on issues like NRO. He congratulated MQM USA and Canada for organizing the event on behalf of Mr. Altaf Hussain and Rabita Committee. Later he announced the inauguration of the 3 rd Grand Assembly.

Iqbal Qamar, Central Organizer MQM Canada, who was also emceeing the inaugural session congratulated the MQM USA and the host Chicago unit for doing an excellent job.

Kamal Zafar, Central Organizer, MQM USA welcomed the guests and highlighted the objectives of the Grand Assembly. He talked about the current crisis in Karachi including target killings. He said out of 20 units in the USA, the Chicago unit is the largest and strongest of all.

Sohail Shams, Unit Incharge of MQM Chicago Unit, welcomed the attendees and invited the members of the local chapter hosting the Grand Assembly to come on the stage. He said MQM’s message is to get stronger and stronger and we will succeed in spreading the thoughts of Quaid e Tehreek Mr. Altaf Hussain.
The inaugural session started with the recitation of the Holy Qur’an by eight-year old Madeeha Deewan Suleman from New York.

On the second day of the Assembly a Community Banquet was held. It was attended by a large number of Pakistani Americans and community leaders. Among the leaders who spoke at this event were Tasleem Raja, chairman of Pakistan United Parade Committee of Greater Chicago; Talat Rasheed, Planning Commissioner and Chairman of the Pakistan Day Mela of Bolingbrook; Ahmed Abdul Karim Jangda, President of Federation of Suburban Pakistanis; Hameed Ullah Khan, Founder and President Pakistan Federation of America; Afzal Hafeez, NED Engineers Alumni Association, and Jawaid Riaz, President Pakistan Club Chicago. They discussed the socio-political issues in Pakistan and congratulated MQM USA for organizing the 3 rd Grand Assembly. The session started with the recitation of the Holy Qur’an by Arshad Malik.

Iqbal Qamar, Central Organizer MQM Canada;Junaid Fahmi, Central Organizer MQM USA; Shabbir Qaimi, Provincial Joint in charge MQM; Ibad Rehman, Patron MQM USA; Dr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui, Patron In Chief MQM North America and Kunwar Naveed Jamil, Member Rabita Committee MQM Pakistan addressed the attendees and talked about the present issues of terrorism, price hike, corruption and law and order situation in the Pakistan.

Awards were also distributed on the occasion. Dr. Anwar for the project of Toledo & Hyderabad Sister City, Extraordinary Political Awareness award for Philadelphia Chapter, Special Recognition Award to Ali Quli Khan, Sun Charity award to Dr. Naushad Pervaiz for donating 24 dialysis machines, Ali Hassan got the Gahwarah – e – Adab Canada Award, Shakeel Akhtar was given Life Time Achievement Award, Zeeshan Akram Mirza got the Media Award, Abdul Rehman Awan, Best Worker Award, Gahwarah – e – Adab, Chicago, Asif Saleem, Sarwat Begum, 20 Years Service Support and Slandered Service Award, Jamil Khan, Special Recognition Award, Mohammad Riaz, Pakeezah Restaurant, Food Supply Award. MQM award to Chicago & Washington DC Chapters. A new example in the award category was set by the Houston unit: they presented the best unit award to the Chicago unit which was applauded by the attendees.

During the banquet seminars and meetings were held to discuss and report the working of chapters and future strategy.


Memon Business Community Discusses Business Strategies

Chicago; July 11 th, 2011: The Memon business community met at a dinner in Usmania Restaurant to discuss business strategies and issues concerning various aspects of their businesses in the Greater Chicago area.

Rafiq Mota, organizer of the meeting, said that the meetings give a chance to network and share concerns. He said the Memon business community contributes to the economy of this city, state and the country.

Imran Aziz, President of the Memon Association of Chicago, thanked the attendees and their families for making the event a success. Later, delicious food and dessert was served.

Usmania Restaurant is introducing a dinner package for $9.99 for the coming months including Ramadan.

Parade Committee Meets CG Zaheer Pervez Khan

Chicago; July 6 th, 2011: A delegation of Pakistan United Parade Committee met Consul General Zaheer Parvez Khan in his office last week. The delegation was headed by its chairman for 2011 Mr.Tasleem Raja.

Zakir Sabri, Vice Chairman; Asif Saleem, General Secretary; Hameedullah Khan, Raja Yaqoob, and Jawaid Riaz, Directors of PUPC were also present in the meeting. Mr. Tasleem Raja discussed the history of the parade and informed the CG about the aims and objectives of the parade and the Mela.

Consul General Zaheer Parvez Khan assured the delegation that he would request the government of Pakistan to support the Parade Committee and recognize it as a platform without any political or ethnic divides and solely promoting faith, unity, and discipline. He acknowledged that the Pakistan United Parade Committee is building bridges between Pakistan and the US and promoting peace and harmony among the people of the two countries.

This year the parade is being held on September 18, 2011.



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