Ayaat-A-Day Software


Chicago: The innovative Ayaat-A-Day Software automatically helps users connect with Qur'anic lessons while working on the computer. The attractive Islamic artwork and motivational verses easily allow lessons from the Qur'an to become a part of your daily routine.

Launched by Sawaab Publishing on the heels of their successful Ayaat-A-Day perpetual desk calendar and iPhone app, the software features a unique reminder mechanism that brings hundreds of selected Inspirational Qur'anic verses to your desktop at the times you choose - daily, hourly or any interval that works for you. For a one-time cost of only $10, users can easily download the software, conveniently customize reminder timings, listen to the Qur'anic recitations, switch from Arabic verses to their English Translation, and save your favorites all with just the click of a button!

"The Quran is a guide sent to us by God as a constant reminder," said Sufia Jamal, founder of Sawaab Publishing. "We do not reserve the Quran to be read only on specific days or on special occasions. At a time where everyone uses a computer for several hours a day, we hope the digital daily reminders from the Ayaat-A-Day Software help make the message of the Quran easier to absorb and apply in our busy lives."

With over 500 inspiring verses, customizable display settings, search features, wallpaper options, and more, the Ayaat-A-Day Software makes a great gift. It can serve as an excellent dawah tool and is also a form of Sadqah Jariyah (continuous charity).

 Download the complete software for $10 or the free trial version at www.sawaabpublishing.com/software

Since 2009, Sawaab Publishing has been creating quality Islamic products like perpetual calendars, Islamic iPhone apps, and prints that serve to enrich the Muslim community. For more information, visit www.sawaabpublishing.com



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