PADF Tribute Paves the Way for a Sikh-Muslim Civil Rights Coalition

Newark, CA: At a recent meeting attended by Dr Kulbir Singh Thind, Dr and Mrs Mahinder Singh Madan, Mr Mark Hinkle, National Chairman, Libertarian Party USA, the third largest political party in this country, Mr Hazem Kira, Executive Director of Egyptian-American Alliance For Democracy, and Dr Agha Saeed, National Chairman of the American Muslim Taskforce on Civil Rights and Elections, the participants expressed complete unanimity of views regarding the following issues:

1. Work to build a Sikh-Muslim civil rights coalition

2. Organize interfaith dialogues

3. Facilitate joint literary activities

It was also agreed that Mr Hinkle will soon invite a suitable Sikh-American to join the California Civil Right Alliance ( CCRA).

It was further agreed that members of Sikh and Muslim communities as well as members of the Libertarian, Green, and Peace & Freedom parties will be encouraged to attend the Bay Area fundraiser on July 30 for the forthcoming documentary on Peter Camejo.

For more information, contact: Muhammad Salim Akhtar - 773-507-5335  


Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
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