Faizan Mehdi Hassan’s Sterling Performance

Mehdi Hassan Entertainment, Singh Arts Council, Chopra Enterprise and Anees Patel of Dhamaal Entertainment presented a great musical night with Faizan Mehdi Hassan on July 23rd   at Marhaba Chinese Palace. The attendees came from as far as San Diego and the Valley to listen to the son of the legendary Ustaad Mehdi Hassan. The team lead by Faizan Mehdi Hassan consisted of the well-known local female singer Dipali Singh, famous tabla player Parvinder Singh, lead and base guitarists Asif and Imran Abdullah, percussion player Rishi and well known emcee Anees Karim Patel.


The event kicked off with Anees introducing the team amid the crowds applause and cheers. He entertained the crowd with his unique jokes, funny poetry and songs that won peoples' hearts. His performance was followed by Faizan who mesmerized the crowd by his excellent command over music, ragas and ghazals, reminding the crowd of his father's legacy. Later in the night Dipali with her sweet voice joined the stage with Faizan to sing duets and solos to the applause of the well pleased crowd. Her performance on the famous Sufi song Laal Meri was a huge hit, while Parvinder's tabla got people drumming their feet in tune with the music. He played the tabla with such ease on the difficult tunes of ghazals that justified him to be the student of great Taari Khan.


Faizan sang all the favorite ghazals and famous classical songs alongwith hut film numbers from previous decades so on that kept the crowd singing in-tuned with him till the wee hours of morning.   


The event was long due as no such ghazal program was conducted for a long time. The night was a great hit and a huge success in terms of energy, attendance and the beautiful ambiance, for which the credit goes to the organizers. Mehdi Hassan Entertainment and the organizers could be reached at faizanmehdi@gmail.com.# 951.254.5285


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