Xavier Medical School Holds Graduation Ceremony in Manhattan

(Left): The graduating class of 2011 of the Xavier University School of Medicine, Aruba. (Right): Chairman Edwin Casey is seen honoring valedictorian Katherine Smith for her outstanding performance in pre-clinical work

New York:  The Xavier University School of Medicine, Aruba (XUSOM) held its annual graduation ceremony for 30 students at the prestigious Asia Society in uptown Manhattan on June 4.

The hooding ceremony was done by Dr BL Stalnaker, Vice President of Academic Affairs, and Dr Manuel Flores, Dean of Clinical Sciences, while Chancellor Dr. J.G. Bhat and President Ravishankar Bhooplapur presented the diplomas to the students. All graduates wearing black robes for the occasion also took the Hippocratic Oath. This was a special day for them, their families and the University because, on this day, the graduates have earned the title, Doctor of Medicine. 

A special recognition was granted by the Chairman Edwin Casey to valedictorian Katherine Smith for her outstanding performance in her pre-clinical work. In his riveting speech, Casey was emphatic about the critical importance of having passion.

In accord with XUSOM's mission of "Cultivating great minds for primary care medicine", inspiration and career advice was imparted by the esteemed speakers at the event.

Chancellor Dr. Bhat advised the graduates to "follow high ethics, high ideals and principles. Treat your patients with care and respect."

Bhooplapur told the Class of 2011: "Individuality is the key to success, be yourself. Medicine is a profession holding the key to success. Make well-informed decisions and abide by them."

Alluding to the many challenges healthcare faces in America, Dr. Ramanathan Raju,  Executive Vice President for Medical and Professional Affairs, NYC Health and Hospitals Corporation, said in his keynote address, "Be a part of the healthcare reform and take the reins back. You can either be a part of the problem or a part of the solution. Try to adapt and be flexible."

Guest of Honor Dr Robert S. Scott emphasized the three A's: Attitude - to reach out to each other and embrace the challenge of the day; Accuracy - accurate notes and diagnosis and full understanding of what is wrong; Active - be active outside the practice of medicine. He ended by wishing luck and success to the graduates.

In attendance were members of the XUSOM Board-including Mr. G.S. Narula and Mr. Kamlesh Mehta, as well as Trustees including Mr. Frank Croes and Dr. Dayan Naik.

The future doctors are aware of what lies ahead. "The journey as a student was pretty rough -- a lot of hard work and sleepless nights. But I always wanted to be a doctor and XUSOM has an outstanding academic faculty and clinical rotation which has given me hands-on experience and overall knowledge of the field," said Justin Mathew, one of the graduates.

The audience included graduates' proud parents, siblings, friends and well-wishers, who all contributed in bringing the special moment of graduation to them. "My daughter Natasha wanted to be a doctor ever since she was a child. I knew it was going to be expensive financially but I encouraged her to achieve her goals and I wish she becomes a successful doctor in future," said an overwhelmed parent Parnita Ahuja.

 XUSOM's Medical Campus is located in the picturesque Aruba island in the Caribbean and its  admissions office is in Westbury, NY.  Every aspect of XUSOM's operation is superintended by the very best in the field of US based offshore medical education and residency assistance. The pre-clinical studies are taught by distinguished doctors, seamlessly joined with hundreds of teaching clinical sites throughout the US, and further perfected by their professional residency placement officers.



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