MSCC 22nd Annual Family Summer Camp


An MSCC Camp Committee message states: The Muslim Society of Central California (MSSC) has been organizing a family summer camp for the last two decades. The camp is held at Fish Camp, which is near Yosemite National Park. The camp will be starting, InshaAllah, on Thursday June 30th after Zuhr prayer and will conclude after Zuhr prayer on Monday July 4th 2011 .

Keeping up with our past traditions, we are inviting scholars from many parts of the country. Many of the speakers were born and raised in the USA or have been here long enough to understand the issues our teenagers and their families face while living in America. These intellectuals bring a wealth of knowledge with them and are ready to share these pearls of wisdom with you at the campsite.

The campsite's serene environment provides a perfect balance of nature and beauty, and the enlightening speeches of the wonderful speakers bring tranquility to hearts and soothe minds. This is a rare opportunity for you and your family to spend time together in an Islamic environment where plenty of Halal & Zabiha food is provided to retain energy; as well as food for the Rooh (soul), and the zikr of Allah SWT is abundant.
This year, Alhamdulillah, we have invited  over a dozen speakers and they will be available to help you understand our beautiful religion and answer your questions about the daily issues we face in dealing with each other or among family members, or with the people of other faiths.

The last date to register for the camp is June 23rd 2011. The space at the campsite is limited and we request you to send your completed application form along with your check ASAP to avoid disappointment.

Last year the camp was full and there were many families who were not able to attend the camp as they turned in their forms late. So, please hurry, if you are interested in attending the camp.



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