Helping Hand for Relief and Development Organizes ‘Evening of Spiritual Inspiration’

On Saturday June 11, 2011 Helping Hand for Relief and Development (HHRD) extended an invitation to the community to attend an Evening of Spiritual Inspiration at the Anaheim Plaza Hotel in Anaheim, CA and, blissfully, an evening of spiritual inspiration it turned out to be! The purpose of the function was to raise awareness and funds for the besieged humanity in Egypt, Libya and Tunisia, says a Press Release. It adds:

We of HHRD would like to thank the attendees for their generous donations and hope everyone who hears about this event would join them in their generosity by logging on our website in the following link to donate for this very important cause: Also for more information, go to the following link: Show your support and donate generously to the relief funds: Libya Relief Fund, Egypt Relief Fund, Tunisia Relief Fund and Algeria Relief Fund.


HHRD has numerous projects in which the funds will be efficiently used: $500 will help a Libyan family with food and lodging for a month and $40 will provide a pack of medical gauze or other supplies. People also have the option of contributing to hot meals and baby milk. HHRD has served hot meals to over 17,000 refugees in the Ras Ajdir Camp located at the border of Libya and Tunisia, and is continuing to do so.

Unfortunately Sheikh Qari Saad Nomani, scheduled to attend this event was not able to make it because of visa complications. However, he is rescheduled to visit Southern California on Sunday, July 24th, and the Bay Area on Monday, July 25th.


The program of this event of spiritual inspiration began with the beautiful recitation of the Holy Qu’an by Br. Ameen Qadri. Our Guest Speaker, Br. Authman Apatira, beautifully illustrated the history of the different methods of reciting the Qur’an. At the end of the evening, Qari Yousef Edguch captivated the crowd with his remarkable recitation and nasheeds.


Our main speaker Dr. Nejib Karoui, the president of Attaaouen, a local organization to the affected area and a partner with Helping Hand, gave an informative presentation on the situation at the border of Libya with Tunisia. Dr. Najib has received Congressional Recognition and awarded the Certificate in Houston, Texas during his stay there before coming to California. The people who find themselves victims of the current political situation are faced with adverse conditions and are in dire need of our help, especially children, who have become very malnourished. The monies you send to HHRD will help in providing food, medical supplies and shelter to these families who are now exposed to extreme weather conditions.


Shaikh Abdulrauf AlKawaid, Director of MAS Youth Center in Dallas, Texas was our important guest fundraiser who gave a very inspiriting talk to stress the importance of helping people in the affected areas. We also had this program repeated in our event in the Bay Area at the Chandni Restaurant on Sunday, June 12th 2011.

In conclusion, we all benefited from the inspiring speeches and the very wonderful recitation of the Holy Qur’an by Br. Qari Yousef. Also, we were able to hear a video recording of Shaikh Qari Saad Nomani’s recitation of the Qur’an at the King Faisal Masjid in Islamabad, Pakistan. Those who came have said that it was a very inspiring evening that surpassed their expectations.




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