PAKPAC Concerned at Delay in Issuance of Visa to Doctors


PAKPAC and other civil rights organizations met with Officials of Department of Justice, Department of Homeland Security, FBI, State Department, and officials from over thirteen other Administration Departments to discuss issues faced by Muslim and minorities in the USA.

Of particular concern were issues faced by Muslims when traveling or doing commerce within or outside the country. PAKPAC raised the issue of increased delay and high denial of visa issuance to doctors and students coming to the USA for training and studies.

PAKPAC stressed the point that a large number of doctors and students would be applying for visas shortly to start their programs on a specified date in July - August. PAKPAC urged the State Department and DHS to alert their staff of this high influx of visa applications that would need to be processed in a timely manner.

DOJ has started a civil rights complaint center at PAKPAC Board members Dr. Salman Malik, Shehzad Akhtar, and Irfan Malik represented PAKPAC at this meeting.

PAKPAC asks its readers to share their experiences at the US Consulate by writing to



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