Chicago Roundup
By Dr. Mujahid Ghazi


MCC Full Time School Annual Fundraising Dinner

Muslim Education Center (MEC) in Morton Grove, Illinois has come a long way to present itself as a successful Muslim Educational model in USA. Started with two classes and 25 students, it now houses 40 faculty members and 408 students. It is growing fast and progressing in academic achievements. This year it was their 21 st Annual Fundraising Dinner and first time it was held in the newly constructed banquet facility in the school building itself. Unlike the norm there was no outside speaker and the entire program was well designed and well coordinated in the shortest time in the history of fundraisers in the windy city. There was no emcee. Principal Habib Quadri came on the stage to invite Hafiz Faiz Biabani to recite the verses from the Holy Qur’an. Hafiz Faiz who happens to chair the Hifdh department then continued with Secular Studies teacher Salma Pathan to give a report on both these departments followed by a presentation of Early Childhood Department by its chair Ghazna Siddiqi. Deba Malik, Department Head of Elementary education then presented her report with Mrs. Aisha Qazi. These presentations with the help of pictorial slides informed the audience of various activities the children are involved in and their educational progress. Nasheed Club Director Mrs. Silvat Sheikh presented a very well rehearsed group of children who performed impressively. Sadiya Barkat informed the audience about the academic and extracurricular activities of her Middle School Department. Abdulfattah Muniruzzaman, Head of Arabic and Islamic Studies Department told the audience that MEC prepares the student to be a good Muslim by making them study Quran and other aspects of Islam before they graduate. Mohammed Ahmed, Technology Team Leader gave a brief presentation on the IT needs of the institution and its future projection. He also talked about various partnerships the school is involved in to keep up with the latest technology in the market. Ali Tai, Athletic Department Director gave a report on the Physical Education and Sports activities. He talked about the after school programs as well. Habib Quadri, the young dashing principal of MEC kept his talk brief and recognized his faculty members and supporters. Rizwan Kadir, School Council Chairman did all the magic in his detailed presentation giving the history and progress of the school and informing about the new arrangement with St. Martha’s Church to shift Early Childhood Department to that facility. No pushing and pulling was done to raise the funds except that Mr. Majid introduced a Plaque which will be having names of big donors and will be displayed at some prominent place in the school administrative office. Among the audience were representatives of District 219, Morton Grove village officials including the President Dan Staackmann and his wife. Speaking to the audience President Staackmann commended the school administration for the excellent work they are doing. He drew the attention of the audience towards involvement in the mainstream events and festivities by requesting them to participate in the 4 th of July parade in Morton Grove. The event ended with Dua by Mualana Abdulfattah Muniruzzaman.

PSA Night at Northeastern Illinois University attracted Pakistani youth and their families


Chicago : Last weekend the auditorium in NEIU was packed with audience to watch the presentation of Pakistani Students’ Association. Although the program started a little late but the content showed the great effort put into it by the students of the university. The show started with a music presentation of Shamim Aquil and Mohammad Mithun on Harmonium and Tabla. Followed by a live band Kafila. A dance group Yeh Cheez led by Noman Khan mesmerized the audience with their professional moves. An American cheerleading dance group Golden Eaglettes was also given a spot. Young girls with their pom poms and synchronized moves cheered the audience. The main attraction of the night was the fashion show sponsored by Chandni Boutique. All the models were university students. It was choreographed perfectly and masterly. The dresses were amazing. The night’s final presentation was a dance performance by Desi Swaggers, a home grown dance group who performed liberally on some famous Bollywood numbers . Famous Muslim comedians Ammar Ali and Asif Ali entertained the audience in between the acts by their improvised stand up comedy. Wajjiha Moonis, President, Adnan Chaudhry, Sabila Patel, Vice President, Saba Bakhrani, Secretary, Urooj, Dance Coordinator, Shama Ahmed, Sabila Patel and Yasmin Sayeeda must be commended for the great hard work they put into this event to make it successful.


Monthly Literary Meeting of Bazm e Sukhan offered condolence to Late Dr. Abdul Waheed Fakhri

Poets and writers gathered for their monthly literary meeting at Zam’s Hope remembered the Late Dr. Abdul Waheed Fakhri by offering Fateha and a brief talk by Mr., Wajid Nadeem on his literary and educational contributions. Later the participants presented their poems and prose. Mr. Rasheed Sheikh conducted the program. Among the poets were Shah Naeemuddin, Shahid Alig, Hashmat Sohail, Nadeem Sharfi, this scribe, Talib Rahim, Munir Siddiqi Sharar, Afzalur Rehman Afsar, Hamid Amrohi and Niaz Gulbergvi. Amin Haider read a Safarnama about his recent visit to Pakistan. The meeting started with a beautiful Naat by Mr. Hamid Amrohi. Mr. Hashmat Sohail read his famous poem on the Mushaira held in Warren Park which was the first open air Mushaira and was attacked by thunder, rain and wind. He very comically encompassed the events of that day. Ustad poet Niaz Gulbergvi also presented a humourous poem for the first time and dedicated it to Hashmat Sohail.


Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
2004 . All Rights Reserved.