Muslim Support Network Holds Literary Event for Seniors
By Abdus Sattar Ghazali

Glimpses of the event organized by Muslim Support Network at the Senior Citizen Center of Fremont

Muslim Support Network (MSN) held a literary event for seniors on February 28, at the Senior Citizen Center of Fremont, CA.

Fifteen people participated in the event with the presentation of popular poetry of prominent poets.

Among those who participated in the hour-long session were: Abdul Razzak Adenwala, Abdus Sattar Ghazali, Dr. Ghazala Ansari, Firdus Kamran, Hatem Rani, Ibrahim Khatri, Ibrahim Sharif, Khalil Ansari, Major Ashraf Naeem, Meraj Sultana Ghazali, Shahid Iqbal and Tasadduq Attari.

Poet Haider Shabih spoke about Sir Syed Ahmad Khan’s great contribution to the education of the Muslims of the sub-continent. He also amused the audience with the recitation of a ghazal.

Poet Shahid Barni thrilled the audience with his humorous poems.

Elderly Firoza Khalil stole the show with her presentation of a Naat.

Abdul Razzak Adenwala was the MC of the program. He also presented a ghazal in his melodious voice.

At the end, Zeya Mohsin (popularly known as Zeby), co-founder of the MSN and a prominent social activist of the Bay Area, thanked the participants and audience for making the program successful.

The MSM was founded in November 2005 to provide an opportunity to Muslim senior citizens to socialize. Needs of Muslim elders/seniors are not being met  by our community at large as many of the elders were homebound and encountered language as well as cultural barriers, says Zeya Mohsin. In many cases, the Muslim elders lack transportation or finances and are suffering from both physical and mental health issues, she added while explaining the objective of the MSN.

The MSN has expanded its services and programs by way of: (1) Monthly socialization and educational meetings. (2) Escort services for doctor visits. (3) Transportation for elders. (4) Group field trips. (5) Walking partners. (6) Special events such as the Eid dinners. (7) Information and referral services. (8) Travel escorts to shopping and other community business, and (9) Book exchanges.

Zeya Mohsin said the MSN now holds a luncheon gathering on the fourth Monday every month for the seniors to provide them an opportunity to socialize and also educate them about improving their quality of life through various programs. The meeting is held at the Senior Citizens Center, Fremont, CA. A lunch is also arranged by MSN in the nearby town of Milpitas.



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