TCF and Partners to Celebrate Faiz Centennial, Pakistan Day


Centennial celebrations for Pakistan's champion of the downtrodden - the one and only Faiz Ahmed Faiz - will kick off with elegance and fanfare at two events by TCF and its community partners in California.    Faiz and Urdu shaa'iree enthusiasts are in for a delightful treat as the living legend of Pakistan's arts, the inimitable Zia Mohyeddin, presents 'A Tribute to Faiz' in his unique narrative style.      

Starting the festivities in San Francisco, a March 19 program at the Computer History Museum venue will feature Zia Mohyeddin followed by Kamran Mehdi  Hasan performing Faiz ghazal and songs, accompanied by Imran Mehdi Hasan on tabla.   This program is also a celebration of Pakistan Day and is being jointly organized by TCF and Pakistani American Culture Center,  two premier Pakistani organizations in Northern California.  

Southern California fans of Faiz and Zia Mohyeddin will enjoy an afternoon program on Sunday March 20th at Pomona College Seaver Theater.    For this venue, TCF has partnered with Pakistan Arts Council of Pacific Asia Museum.   

Though Zia Mohyeddin Sahib has to return to Karachi and his duties at the National Academy of Performing Arts, Faiz centennial celebrations will continue through April with TCF events in Cleveland, Houston, Chicago and Dallas - featuring Kamran and Imran Mehdi Hasan to present Faiz. More TCF events in memory of Faiz are  being planned

A little bit about TCF - the acronym for The Citizens Foundation - a leading Pakistani non-profit for education of underprivileged Pakistani children.    The incredible and newsworthy milestone of TCF is that in just a few weeks (April 2011), it will have 730 schools and 102,000 girls and boys enrolled.   Recent recognitions include a Qatar Foundation Award and a must-read NY Times Op-Ed by Nicholas Kristof.   Since 2002, volunteer driven TCF-USA is the US non-profit that supports the programs and schools of TCF, having funded 80 TCF schools through significant contributions by US donors.  



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