Islamic Relief Holds Fundraiser for People of Libya
Report and pictures by Anwar Khawaja

Glimpses of the fundraising dinner organized by Islamic Relief USA

On March 6 an emergency fundraiser was held for arranging much needed relief to the people of Libya where the situation is deteriorating by the day owing to the civil war and the resultant shortage of medical professionals. The majority of doctors are foreigners and are being evacuated.

Islamic Relief responded to the challenge and immediately sent a convoy comprising staff members and volunteer doctors with food and medical supplies to Binghazi, the regional hub for distribution. The convoy included:

1. Four truckloads of medical supplies.

2. Two truckloads of food supplies.

3. 4,800 containers of baby milk.

4. 25 volunteer doctors and medical specialists to work at a hospital in Benghazi.

The first speaker of the evening was Dr. Maher Hathout, president ISNA and Founder of MPAC.

He dilated on the ongoing struggle of the people of Libya against the country’s dictator, Colonel Qaddafi. He said it will be a bloody struggle but the people will ultimately win. They need our help and we must give as much as possible.

The second speaker was young doctor Mahmood Traina from Libya who was educated in the United States. He has just come back from Libya and told the gathering that people are short of medical supplies and there are very few trained medical personnel. He emphasis that we should help the people in need.

The last speaker was Anwar Khan who requested the gathering to raise as much funds as possible for the noble cause.




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