Full-Length Movie on Islamophobia


“The AMA-GTV is in the process of producing a full-length, 120 minute, DOCUMENTARY on ‘Islamophobia,’” says an email message received from Dr Agha Saeed. It adds:

With its focus on causes, patterns, and consequences of Islamophobia, insha Allah, it will be a ready resource for students, teachers, researchers, journalists, social workers, activists, interfaith leaders, and community organizers.

Please review the attached concept board and respond with your feedback about

1) Topics

2) Potential Interviewees

3) Multimedia Elements

Also, please help identify and obtain relevant visuals ranging from photos, letters, clips, soundtracks, videos, news items, books, articles, press releases, blogs, editorials, op eds, cartoons, and URLs, etc.

Any information, (and we mean “any” information) that you could provide about the Peter King Hearings, no matter apparently how mundane or widely-known, would be much appreciated.




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