Mujeeb Osman Honored
By Jaan Khan and Muhammad Ali

The Illinois Tenth Congressional Democrats University has honored Engineer Mujeeb Osman: he has been awarded a degree in 10th District politics by Honorable Lauren Gath Bash and John Hmurovic Chair of Illinois Tenth Democrats University.

Mujeeb Osman is an activist who has participated in Democratic Party activities since President Bill Clinton’s election campaign in 1991 and has made several trips to Washington, DC and across the nation in this regard.

Mujeeb lives in Chicago, Illinois and advocates the rights of the elderly. He also figures actively in volunteer work in several fields including Health Care Reform, Immigration Reform, Protection of Social Security Benefits, Reduction of Recidivism, Equal Rights and Environmental Laws. Previously, he had received distinguished service awards from Alderman Bernard Stone, 50th Ward and Honorable Mayor Richard Daley, City of Chicago.

Hon. Senator Dick Durbin supports Mujeeb Osman and his accomplishments.




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