PAL-C Welcomes President Obama’s Address

Washington, DC: “The Pakistani American Leadership Center (PAL-C) hopes that the announcement by President Obama will bring a measure of closure to the families of victims here in America and abroad,” says a PAL-C statement. It adds:

Although the “cause of securing our country is not complete,” this is still a “good and historic day” for both the US and Pakistan and marks a step forward in our joint security.

The reality is that there is no longer any independent security in an interlocking world. Individuals, communities and nations bound together by a common desire for peace and security must cooperate to achieve that goal.

Today, marks a successful outcome of the US-Pakistan security partnership.

But as we demand justice we must ensure that we do not act unjustly.

And if we are serious when we proclaim liberty and justice for all then we must work for it. For liberty is not just liberation from fear of violence: liberty is the freedom of an educated mind, a back unencumbered by debt, and families free from preventable illnesses.

We have seen security cooperation with Pakistan pay dividends, we must continue to invest in the relationship and broaden it to other areas: education and health, trade and private enterprise - for these fertilize the ground from which freer societies grow.



Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
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