Town Hall Meeting in Honor of Sheriff Baca

The Council of Pakistani American Chamber of Commerce, in collaboration with local and global organizations, Islamic centers and other religious groups, is hosting a Town Hall meeting in honor of Sheriff Leroy David Baca at the Heritage Forum on Sunday, May 15, 2011 between 3-6 PM.

The purpose of the meeting is to pay tribute to Mr. Baca for his dedication to his duties and his tireless efforts in establishing peace among all races and religions in America. He is a staunch follower of “One Nation, One America”, to make it free from crime and terrorism.

His nationalistic and patriotic approach toward the country was directly witnessed in his briefing at Peter King’s recent hearing in Washington DC. During the hearing, Mr. Baca stated that the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department has long been a leader in the development of relationships with various ethnic, cultural and religious communities that thrive in the greater Los Angeles area. The relationship between the Sheriff’s Department and the American Muslim Community is stronger than ever before and solid bonds have been established through continuing outreach and physical presence at events important to the community and law enforcement.

“We are truly proud to call LA County Sheriff Lee Baca our own. He spoke up on behalf of thousands of innocent Muslims at the House Homeland Security Committee's Hearing on US Muslim radicalization. He was the only law-enforcement official invited to speak and he made his views clear to all. In his speech, Mr. Baca focused on the understanding of Muslims in America and their contribution at the national level. His speech was well received by people of all races and religions,” says Jamal Khawaja, President, Council of Pakistani American Chamber of Commerce.



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