A Weekend School Graduation in Sacramento
By Ras H. Siddiqui

The weekend school at Sacramento Area League of Associated Muslims ( SALAM) held its annual graduation ceremony on May 22nd to recognize the success of community children who received their Islamic religious education here on Sundays.

This colorful annual event with (Halal) hamburgers and hot dogs was attended by over 500 people this year as students and their parents celebrated the end of another year of hard work with some great family fun. Thanks are in order to all the volunteers, teachers and school administrators for their dedication to this school, one of the best examples of Islamic teachings in the region.   

This weekend school is an extension of what is truly an American Islamic Center which caters to the religious, educational and social needs of many ethnic groups and remains trans-sectarian in outlook. Electives such as Arabic, Farsi and the Urdu languages have also been offered here but it appears that the continuation of the Urdu class is in jeopardy when school starts again in the fall due to lack of sufficient enrolment and interest.

If any readers are interested in seeing a continuation of the Urdu class for their children, they are urged to contact the administration as soon as possible at SALAM Weekend School, 4541 College Oak Drive, Sacramento, CA 95841 Telephone 916-979-1973 or email weekendschool@salamcenter.org.

The SALAM organization ( http://salamcenter.org/) in Sacramento, California has a great deal more to offer to the community. The Weekend School is just one part of SALAM’s vision. Its brand new futuristic mosque is already a source of community pride and the long established community center is popular with area residents. Its hall rental facilities for family events and community celebrations continue to be popular.

A Muslim Singles Matrimony Event is coming up on June 18, 2011 where young people can get together to find their future marriage partners. Please visit the SALAM organization website for details. 

But getting back to the event itself, which was well orchestrated as kids from Kindergarten to the Youth Group level presented their knowledge on stage, including a skit on respecting the elderly plus a short and very colorful play on the birth and life of Hazrat Musa (Moses).

As a parent, one can go on and on, but to conclude here, as our family leaves this weekend school after 10 years and three kids who have already attended, we will try to keep in touch.  



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