First Pakistani Artwork Donated to City of Los Angeles by Amina Adaya
By Fatima Sultan

The Department of Cultural Affairs has received 1600 artworks since 1920 from dignitaries all over the world. On November 3, 2011 the Executive Director Olga Garay and fourteen Cultural Affairs Commissioners including President York Chang graciously accepted the “Morphing” in their collection donated by Mrs. Amina Adaya.

Mrs. Amina Adaya looked regal in her paisley silks. She was accompanied by her daughters Nargis Dada, Nasreen Haroon, Gazala Shauk and Tehmina Tannir.

Also present were, Mr Javed Jabbar former Minister in Pervaiz Musharraf and Benazir Bhutto cabinets; Fatima Sultan, Director Zanbeel Art; Cheryl Trujillo Faculty Teacher California State University and Dominguez Hills Co-Director of Zanbeel Art.

Nasreen Adaya Haroon, speaking on behalf of her mother Mrs Amina Adaya, observed on the occasion: On behalf of the Pakistani community, Mrs. Amina Adaya would like to donate this stunning piece of artwork, “Morphing", to the City of Los Angeles from her personal collection. She envisions that her contribution will serve as a beautiful, powerful image and a positive symbol of the future unity among the diverse communities of Los Angeles.

Philanthropist Mrs. Amina Adaya says that “this artwork is a perfect symbol for the “City of Angels”, and that art heals and transforms, and we hope that this artwork will become part of Los Angeles' cultural memory as the image that the artwork symbolizes is a positive image of change. In time this work will help build community and bring a people of the past together with the present and future day Los Angeles. The artwork fills one with positive feelings of hope about the possibilities of future coalitions.”

This artwork symbolizes of people all over the world who want to achieve an American dream.

Funds from the sale of the artwork are to be utilized for South Asian artwork workshops in the Watts area of Los Angeles.

Addressing the gathering, Fatima Sultan, Director, Zanbeel Art, observed:

The artwork entitled, “Morphing,” depicts an Angel with Golden Wings. It is a perfect symbol for the “City of Angels” that is Los Angeles. The “Morphing” signifies a profound change. Los Angeles is a melting pot of immigrants from all over the world. Each immigrant comes with a dream to “Change” their lives for a better tomorrow. This unique treasure also represents a positive symbol of the future unity between people of all roots and regions.

“Morphing” was a favorite photo shoot from a large audience attending the South Asian American Art Festival at the Santa Monica Art Studios May1-8, 2010. The event, sponsored by Zanbeel Art, captured adults and children, as they crowded to pose as an angel, while each guest identified the artwork as a perfect symbol for the” City of Angels”.

In his brief remarks Mr Javed Jabbar commented:

I pay tribute to Mr. Ahmad Adaya who is no longer with us and who was the most generous Pakistani philanthropist in Los Angeles. He was responsible for funding several cultural organizations in greater Los Angeles. People like the Adayas are a great loss for Pakistan however a great asset to Los Angeles. “Your gain is Pakistan’s loss”.

Art is an intrinsic part of Pakistani culture and has thrived in the regions since centuries.

Both countries can utilize Art as a tool to share commonalities and embrace differences, resulting in a better understanding of people and regions.

Mr York Chang, President of the Art Commission, was also among the speakers. He remarked:

We appreciate the generous donation by Mrs. Amina Adaya. It is a magnificent artwork. We replaced another important artwork with “Morphing” and we would like you to know that we receive many important people and hold several City meetings in this room where “Morphing” is seen and admired by many people.

Olga Garay, Executive Director, had this to say on the occasion:

We would like to offer an artist exchange program between American and Pakistani artists which runs for a period of 2 weeks to three months.

The Department of Cultural Affairs will support Pakistani artists and art programs that help build bridges of understanding via art exchange.

Morphing can be viewed at

Department of Cultural Affairs

201 North Figueroa St.

Suite 1400

Los Angeles, CA.90012

P: 213-202-5500




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