NEDAT Felicitated on Successful 2011 International Convention
By Ahmed Ali

The resounding success of the three-day Alumni Convention from October 7-10 2011 is a testament to the organizing skills, significance of the NED brand and success of the NEDians across the world.

On behalf of NEDIAN-NA, its board of directors, and the member associations of NED Alumni in North America which include Alberta, Chicago, Silicon Valley, New England, Southern California, Houston and DC, we thank and applaud you for executing a world class event and making it possible for so many NEDians to come under one roof and demonstrate that NEDians are truly there for NED.

The five extraordinary meals (reception on the 7 th, breakfast, lunch, hor douvres and dinner on the 8 th and the qeema paratha breakfast on the 9 th) were both a networking event and an opportunity to enjoy some of the finest Pakistani food available in the US.

The keynote speech, technical sessions, Q&A were extremely valuable. Many people were inspired to talk about making NED become self-sufficient in power generation through solar energy. It would be no surprise if this project is adopted and executed with NEDian funding.

The evening event and entertainment was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for anyone. It was perhaps the first time ever that Zia Mohyuddin, Mohammed Ali Shyhaki (NED 1978) and Alamgir performed at the same venue. The one and only Ashraf Habibullah was as always a great inspiration for so many NEDians. His ability to bring alive some of the fondest memories for NEDians remains unsurpassed.

It is practically impossible to measure and quantify the success of the amazing event your team put together. Indeed, any success metric pales in comparison to the palpable energy, beaming smiles, emotional embraces and forward looking discussions that were visible in every corner of the huge site of the event. With nearly 300 attendees on the average and 700 people at the evening event you clearly set a new record of participation and involvement. Kudos to the entire team, the volunteers, the friends and the families that supported you in the tedious, year-long preparation for the event. It was certainly worth every second.

As NEDians we have often debated the significance of putting together social events and their long-term value to the NEDian community. Let me share a couple of comments that were made during the event:

“In these two days, I realized that the NED event is just as significant for the families as it is for the NEDian himself. I have brought my teenage son and he has been awed by the talent and role models that are available in the NED community. He has already talked about internships with senior NEDian run companies - non NEDian family member”.

“I am here from Pakistan. The pride I feel cannot be measured. What I take back is inspiration to make a difference and the realization that NED alumni are there for the young NEDians too – an NEDian”.

“We have decided to partner in a new project. I didn’t know one of my seniors was an expert in automotive testing – an NEDian from automobile industry”.

The success of any movement is evident if it is sustained and there are others that are willing to join and carry forward the cause. The newly formed NEDA-DC’s commitment to organize the 8 th NED Alumni convention speaks to this sentiment.

Once again, please accept our heartfelt thanks and gratitude for taking the lead to keep the spirit of NED alive and inspiring NEDians everywhere.



Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
2004 . All Rights Reserved.