West and Muslims Closely Knit together: Mowahid
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Washington , DC : The notion of clash of civilizations is intellectually fraudulent and misleading in that both Judaism and Christianity originated from the hinterland of the Middle East.


This was stated by Mowahid Hussain Shah during his keynote address at a well-attended Rotary Club event in the greater Washington area on Western-Muslim tensions on the 10 th anniversary of 9/11.


Mowahid said that even the term “Judeo-Christian civilization” is a politically loaded terminology depicting Islam as the “other”, and falsely excluding it from an Abrahamic ethic, when in fact the more accurate term is “Judeo-Christian-Islamic civilization”.


The frequent use of hate speech in respectable Western circles, contended Mowahid, unavoidably demands now from the Muslim community a moral counter-strike.


He posited that America’s strength has been self-correction and that can emerge when causal roots of rage are identified and rectified instead of merely attacking symptoms. But, here, he added, the problem first has to be honestly recognized before it can be corrected.


Mowahid, during his remarks -- which were followed by a lively 45-minute Q&A session -- emphasized that in an increasingly intertwined world, Western-Muslim destinies are handcuffed together. So, like it or not, he stated, they have to forge a path forward.


He concluded that politics is too dangerous to be left solely in the hands of politicians.



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