Haj Workshop

A  Haj Workshop will be held on Saturday, September 24th after Salat-ul-Maghrib at the Marhaba Chinese Palace. It will be conducted by Mufti Sulaiman Hashim, Religious Director of Madina Islamic Center and Aalima.

Haj Prep classes will also be conducted at the Madina Islamic Center from Saturday, 1st October after Salat-ul-Maghrib by Mufti Sulaiman Hashim. For ladies, the classes will be conducted by Aalima every Sunday beginning 2nd October  from 12-2 pm.
During same time on Sunday, maulana Imran will be there to take classes for males also.
The classes will continue till Saturday, 21st  October. For more info, please call 562-676-7351 and 562-404-4011.



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