Role of Women in the Fight against HB56


On March 22, 2012 New American Media co-hosted a community roundtable and news briefing at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church located in Birmingham Alabama, a community institution that has been at the forefront of the civil rights movement.

The event was held in collaboration with the We Belong Together Human Rights Delegation and local Birmingham partners the Hispanic Interest Coalition of Alabama and the Greater Birmingham Ministries.

The goal was to provide a venue where the human rights delegation of women leaders who had traveled to Birmingham from throughout the United States could meet with local leaders about the impact of HB 56 on Alabama’s immigrant women and their children.

The community conversation provided rich context with several community members highlighting the parallels of HB56 to prior laws such as the Jim Crow laws and Fugitive Slave Act laws that were once used to keep African Americans as a permanent under class.

The meeting was the first of several local roundtables that will be held around the country that will link local women leaders with immigrant women and the advocacy organizations that are supporting fair and just immigration laws.

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