Support the Congress to Pass Student Loan Forgiveness Act
By Rafique Ahmed 
Los Angeles,CA

Move  has requested me to create an awareness and a strong support for a very serious national crisis: For the first time in the US history, the total outstanding student loan debt has not only exceeded the total credit card debt in America, but is also expected to exceed one trillion dollars in 2012 putting enormous burden on the students.

 The US Government in the recent past has bailed out the Wall Street, insurance, airlines and auto giants together with all major banks and  lending institutions in corporate America with huge stimulus packages. Why not provide relief to our students, the future lifeline of America in all walks of life?  Education is the key to success and we should make it affordable for all students to acquire and accomplish their academic goals. After all, today's students will not only become tomorrow's leaders, scientists, business tycoons, doctors, engineers, accountants, inventors, armed forces and law enforcement personnel, activists, writers and all other professions, but will also help America remain as the greatest country in the world. 

Move has already accumulated more than 750,000 endorsements from across the country. Their goal is to deliver one million endorsements to the US Congress before the Bill HR 4170 is voted upon next week. Please click the following link, support the Student Loan Forgiveness Act of 2012 (H.R. 4170) and pass this message to your relatives, friends and all other acquaintances. Your prompt response in this matter will go a long way in helping students of our great country. Thanks!

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