Fund Raising Dinner for ICSGV


Ghayas Khan, one of the oldest members of the Islamic Center of San Gabriel Valley, is an engineer by profession. A philanthropist by nature, he has always been found in the forefront to serve the community, and the ICSGV. Unfailingly, he has risen to the occasion when needed. He is the Vice Chairperson of the Building, Finance and Membership Committee and took it upon himself to raise funds at the crucial juncture of the completion of the new building of the Islamic Center at Rowland Heights when requested by the President Dr. Arif Rizvi and Shura members of ICSGV.

He and his wife organized a Fund Raising Dinner at their residence in Rancho Cucamonga on the evening of April 7th. His guests included Dr Arif Rizvi, President of ICSGV; Dr. Aleem Syed, Chairman of the Board of Trustees; Ashraf Jakwani, Secretary, Board of Trustees; Abu Bakr Vakil, Aslam Madu, Umar Hayat Khan, Dr Talat Khan, Munawwar Mohammad, Shura members and about 120 family members and friends. Brief speeches were delivered by Dr Arif Rizvi, Dr. Aleem Syed, Mr Abu Bakr Vakil, and Mrs Iffat Ghayas Khan to highlight the salient features of the project.

Ghayas and Iffat Ghayas Khan’s eight-year-old grand-daughter Zaina Qamar was the MC on this occasion. It was a successful warm night of good food, beautiful scenery, smiles all around and the coffer was filled with 137,000 dollars, Alhamdulillah. It marked one of the many occasions on which Ghayas Khan has helped to bring a thirty-year-old dream of the Center to fruition.

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