Muslims Donate Blood to Save Lives of Neighbors

On Friday, July 13, 2012, the program of community blood drives promoted by Community Builders Chicago (CBC), this summer came to an end.

Over 210 area Muslims volunteered at different mosques and Islamic schools to donate and give the Gift of Life, so that some sick or injured person in their neighborhood could benefit from their act of selfless generosity. The final drive was scheduled at ICCI on Belmont Ave, and the Potter Road Mosque in Des Plaines.

Explaining the program, Munir Chaudry, President of CBC remarked, “It was a simple idea that inspired the project: Firstly, to provide some help during the lean months of summer when supplies of blood are low and demands for blood are high. Second, to honor the nation’s brave ones whose sacrifices are remembered on Memorial Day, by offering our own blood as a gesture of solidarity with them”.

The donors were both young and old, both men and women, and from every ethnic background. There were some who donated for the very first time. There were others who were card carrying donors, who give blood with regularity. Some eagerly came forward but could not qualify due to the stringent criteria that the blood banks mandate. Others wanted to donate but could not wait due to constraints on their time. Better logistical arrangements will have to be made to accommodate them in the future.

All this was accomplished with little fanfare and without the blinding glare of the media getting anyone uncomfortable. “It is just as well that we practice such acts of charity with solemn grace and dignity in the quiet privacy of our personal convictions”, remarked Azher Quader, Executive Director of CBC. “The rewards of such giving not seeking the adoration of the public are indeed higher as the Qur’an reminds us,” he explained.

CBC wishes to thank all who donated and all who participated.

A total of 213 pints of blood were donated exceeding the target of 200 initially set for this year. “This potentially will benefit over 600 patients”, said Quader, “for many of whom this generous gift will be lifesaving”. He concluded, “As we commence a month of prayer and fasting this Ramadan, let us also pray for the health and recovery of those of our neighbors who are sick and ailing and for Allah’s blessings and reward on those who gave the Gift of Life so others may live.”

Mr. Chaudry added, “We wish to thank Life Source, American Red Cross and Heartland for their tremendous support in providing the technical services and the staff to make these drives possible”.


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