Saghir Aslam Invited to House of Commons
By Anisa Ali and Aisha Ali

On July 11, Mr Saghir Aslam, founder/chairman of Saba Trust – Saba Homes, was invited to the House of Commons , London, to share with the dignitaries Saba Trust accomplishments during the last 47 years, not only in Pakistan but in other countries, including Afghanistan, Palestine, Chechnya, India, Kashmir, Iran, and Iraq. The large crowd was delighted to hear the multifarious humanitarian services in the field of health, education, interfaith and alleviation of poverty extended by Sava Trust.

Mr Aslam spoke at length about the Trust. He recalled that he was leading a happy life in the USA but his heart bled when he saw people deprived of basic needs in other countries. He wanted to do something to alleviate their sufferings. So against many odds he set up the Saba Trust & Saba Homes for orphan girls. When asked why he wanted to focus on orphan girls Mr Aslam replied that girls are very vulnerable in our male-dominated society. He was happy that he had established Saba Homes and had the full support of his family in the noble undertaking.

A film was shown during the course of Mr Aslam’s visit highlighting the salient features of the services extended by Saba Trust and Saba Homes. Mr Saghir Aslam appealed to the audience to be generous and help him in his efforts to bring about happiness in the lives of the most deserving and needy “makhlook”.

Mr Aslam furnished details of the projects launched by Saba Trust in several countries.

Alderman Mushtaq Lashari of 3rd World Solidarity said he had seen the good work done by Mr Saghir Aslam and his team. He was full of praise and wholeheartedly recommended support for the charity. Mr. Lashari observed that Allah has said in Holy Qur’an, “Ehsanan Zavilqurbe Walyaatama,” and by helping the Trust you will be acting on Allah’s command.

Mr Mohammed WalayatKhokhar of ‘Muslim Hands,’ (a famous charity) who has recently been awarded MBE title by the Queen for his charitable work ,also spoke highly of Mr Saghir Aslam and his team and exhorted the audience to donate generously.

Dr Majid, a PhD doctor who has lost eyesight, travelled with a helper from Waltham Stow, and said that he was an example of deprivation and expected people to be generous with their donations.

Barrister Shehzada Hayat also expressed his profound admiration for Mr Saghir Aslam and his work.

The following were among the prominent participants in the House of Commons program: Salas Raza Kiani, Minister Community Welfare, High Commission for Pakistan; Dr. Muhammad Tariq Khokhar, President & CEO Heritage Skies; Hon. Ald. Mushtaq Lasharie, The Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea; Councillor Liaquat Ali, Waltham Forest; Rowland E. Elvidge, LDS National Director of Public Affairs GB; M. Walayat Khokhar (MBE),Muslim Aid, Manager UKFD & Community Liaison; Qaiser Hameed, TV apex; Qaiser Hameed, Producer Venus TV; Nawab Abdul Ghani Talpur, MNA; Shokat Ali Managing Director Star Mortage & Property Services; Adam Deen, Homes 4u direct; and Dr. Sayeed Khan, President APMA.


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