Three-day Pakistan Art Exhibition in LA


Arts and culture are the universal languages of expression for shared human values and have immense international message and appeal; they are the best medium for bringing societies, nations and communities closer. Pakistan is endowed with heritage of centuries old civilization, rich history, vibrant culture and talented people. The landscape of Pakistan’s fine art is as rich and diverse in all its forms and styles as its history, culture and craftsmanship.

 As part of its broader public diplomacy efforts with a view to promoting Pakistan’s positive image and promoting mutual understanding and appreciation; the Consulate General of Pakistan, Los Angeles plans to hold a three-day ‘Pakistan Art Exhibition’ as part of the ‘Downtown Art Walk’ in Los Angeles with the active support and cooperation of the Department of Culture, the Artwalk and LAPD.  The Department of Culture and Artwalk see it as a bridge between the Los Angeles and Pakistan connecting the two communities. During this three-day exhibition, art works by some of Pakistan’s leading contemporary artists will be showcased by the Collectors Galleria, Lahore, Pakistan. Besides, there will also be a panel discussion by experts tracing the commonalities between the arts and cultures of Pakistanis and Americans.

 The exhibition has been planned to be held at the Old Farmers & Merchants Bank’s Hall in Downtown Los Angeles from December 12 to 14, 2012 on the occasion of renowned monthly art walk. The exhibition will be open to general public for three days except the inaugural reception, which will be by invitation only. This Inaugural Reception along with a Panel Discussion will be held from 1 pm to 3.30 pm on December 12, 2012.

 A large number people including art lovers, government officials, diplomats, dignitaries and media are expected to visit the exhibition. This would be a wonderful opportunity for the Angelinos to get acquainted with the rich history, culture and artistic talent of Pakistan and to connect and appreciate the beauty and creative talent of the artists.   For details of the exhibition, please visit the Arwalk’s website


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