MQM’s 8 th Semi-Annual Convention in Los Angeles
Pictures by Anwar Khawaja

Los Angeles, CA:   The Los Angeles Chapter of MQM USA held its 8 th Semi-Annual Convention at a local hotel in Los Angeles, according to a press release. Workers and office bearers from cities across US attended the Convention with great enthusiasm. It was also attended by deputy convener and parliamentary leader of MQM Dr. Muhammad Farooq Sattar, Patron of MQM North America Ibad Rehman, and Muhammad Younus of International Political Affairs of MQM, Central Organizer Junaid Fahmi, and members of Central Organizing Committee, members of communication and media cell and chapter in-charges.

Beginning on January 27, the proceedings of the Convention were held in two phases mostly emphasizing the six-month performance, future strategies and re-organizational aspects of the program.

On the first day, Patron MQM North America, Ibad Rehman inaugurated the convention. He was followed by the Chapter in-charge of LA Abdul Lateef who welcomed the workers and office bearers from the USA. Member of central organizing committee from LA, Wasim Zaidi, highlighted the importance of the conventions that MQM USA had been organizing for many years. The reports of the media cell and other organizational activities were presented to the Central Organizer Junaid Fahmi. Muhammad Younus highlighted the struggle of MQM and shed light on the party’s role in regional and international politics. Junaid Fahmi congratulated the LA Chapter on organizing the semi-annual convention successfully. Wasim Zaidi closed the activities of the first day by thanking all members of MQM USA.

The second day proceedings began with the opening statement of Arshad Hussain, Joint Central Organizer of MQM USA. Patron MQM North America, Ibad Rehman, highlighted the role of Sun Charity USA and said that since the politics of MQM revolves around serving humanity so our volunteers are always on the front line helping the Sun Charity USA in their campaigns around the world. Another exciting part of this session was the cyber revolution seminar. The seminar was organized by the Communication & Media Cell MQM USA to encourage workers and supporters to actively participate in social media forums.  The seminar was conducted by COC members Wasim Zaidi and Saqib Mohiuddin whomade presentations on Cyber Revolution and highlighted the importance of social media in spreading the ideology of MQM. 
Dr. Farooq Sattar, federal minister, was the chief guest at a largely attended community meeting later in the evening. In his illuminating address he identified the causes of the present malaise plaguing the country and made a number of suggestions for a wholesome change. His address was very well received by the gathering.

He said that the status quo in Pakistan is a great threat and people of Pakistan should support the cause and agenda of Mr. Altaf Hussain for ushering a true and peaceful revolution in Pakistan.

The Convention concluded with a light musical evening that was enjoyed by the audience.



Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
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