MPAC Demands NYPD Investigation in Wake of Shia Community Profiling


Los Angeles: In a press release dated 2/2/12, the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) stated: Today, the Muslim Public Affairs Council expressed outrage about a leaked 2006 New York Police Department document which called for widespread profiling and surveillance of entire Shia and Iranian communities, without any indications of criminal activity.

This latest outrageous abuse strengthens the demand for immediate oversight into the NYPD.SEE:  NYPD Document: Gather Intel Info at Shiite Mosques (Associated Press) ALSO SEE:  NYPD Secret Intelligence Strategy Report (Associated Press)

The 10-page document, addressed to Commissioner Ray Kelly, explicitly called for the routine monitoring of Shia and Iranian centers of community gathering and worship, inside and outside New York City, in order to monitor potential threats in the event of a US war with Iran. The report mostly quotes publicly available sources, including the neo-conservative newspaper the New York Sun, of investigations or incidents involving specific people in order to justify “Expand[ing] and focus[ing] intelligence collections at Shi’a mosques.” “By continually violating the trust of the Muslim community, the NYPD has undermined our shared goal of combating violent extremism,” said Dalia Mahmoud, chair of MPAC-NYC. “The NYPD and Mayor Bloomberg have continually refused to engage in a meaningful dialogue with community leaders regarding issues of surveillance and profiling.  This has prevented the formation of meaningful community partnerships. Such partnerships are the most effective method for achieving our shared safety and security goals.” 

The revelation of this report comes in the wake of recent information indicating the NYPD’s extensive use of anti-Muslim material to train more than 1,500 police officers, as well as extensive spying on Muslim leaders who were publicly praised by Kelly as community anti-terrorism partners. By racially and religiously profiling, the NYPD’s continued abuse of power and trust is undermining the work of this country to build a safer and more peaceful society. Many reports and studies have proven that profiling does not help thwart and stop crimes, smart law enforcement based on accurate information does.

Founded in 1988, MPAC is an American institution which informs and shapes public opinion and policy by serving as a trusted resource to decision makers in government, media and policy institutions. MPAC is also committed to developing leaders with the purpose of enhancing the political and civic participation of Muslim Americans.



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