Chicago Roundup
APPNA Will Be More Inclusive in Future . CAMP-Chicago’s Networking Dinner a Great Success

By Dr. Mujahid Ghazi

APPNA Will Be More Inclusive in Future

Libertyville: At a packed gathering at Dr. Mansoor and Ayesha Alam in Libertyville, Javed Suleman MD, President-Elect APPNA 2012-2013 discussed his vision of APPNA under his leadership. From helping young doctors to social services and from campaigning for Pakistan in the US to influencing the health policies in Pakistan, he discussed every thing in detail. He showed concern about the recent deaths in Lahore due to tainted medications. He said this is the time when PMA and other bodies can use this tragic happening to push for tougher laws against quacks and substandard pharmaceutical companies.

Pervaiz Iqbal MD, a candidate for President-Elect 2013-2014, was also at the dinner. He said his first goal is to increase the membership. He said he will also bring unity in the physicians’ community. He said he is against discrimination on the basis of cast and creed, language or land. He asked the guests to support him. Pervaiz Iqbal has been at various leadership positions in APPNA for the last 12 years. He is a liaison for young physicians in the NYC chapter.


CAMP-Chicago’s Networking Dinner a Great Success

Chicago: The Council for the Advancement of Muslim Professionals (CAMP) Organized a networking dinner at Parthenon, a restaurant in Greek Town on January 27. Halal food was provided for the first time. During the ice breaking session attendees networked with each other and filled a networking questionnaire. Later, based on the fastest to finish, Hira Siddiqi won an Arabic Calligraphy and Farzana Chowdhury a $25 gift certificate.

New office bearers for 2012 were announced: Asma Hashmi is President, Tawfiq Farraj is Vice President, Nazia Husain is Secretary and Sabrina Qureshi is Advisor and also CAMP-National Director of Finance and Operations.

Asma Hashmi, President of CAMP-Chicago, welcomed the guests and gave a brief overview of CAMP, its mission/objectives, community partnering organizations (Upwardly Global and UMMA Career Center), and spoke about the upcoming CAMP-Chicago and CAMP-National events. She also thanked the sponsors, Islamic Relief USA, Amana Funds and Vonage for their support in organizing the event. She also thanked the guest speaker Dr. Azeem Ibrahim for coming all the way from the UK to grace the occasion.

Tawfiq Farraj, emcee for the evening, introduced Dr. Azeem Ibrahim.

Dr. Ibrahim obtained his PhD from the University of Cambridge and served as a Research Fellow at the International Security Program at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University and a World Fellow at Yale University. In 2010 he was ranked as a Top 100 Global Thinker by the LSDP European Social Think Tank and has hundreds of publications to his name.

He founded ECM Holdings, a conglomerate of six global finance companies which included a private online bank and a global macro hedge fund. He was the youngest person on both the Sunday Times Scottish Rich List in 2006 and Carter Anderson’s UK Power 100 list.

In his keynote speech he talked about radicalization of youth and offered a solution to the problem. He talked about the genesis of radicalization and suggested measures to cope with this growing problem in the West.

Volunteers who assisted in making the dinner arrangements were Ghazal Khan, Sunia Khatri, Uzair Ali, Sheeba Bari, Fadi Ali, Nimra Khan, and Yusef Ramelize.

The next CAMP event is on 29th February at Pompeii Oak Brook at 7 pm. Please visit CAMP’s website at


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