Dish Network the only Provider of Comprehensive Urdu TV Packages

For Pakistani-American families living away from their country of origin, DISH Network knows how it feels to want to be a little “closer to home.” That is why DISH Network continues to go above and beyond by being the only network to provide comprehensive Urdu TV packages at very affordable prices.

Pakistani-Americans wishing to stay in touch with the current news and popular culture back home subscribe to the PAK Mega Pack, which offers all the latest news and entertainment on 13 different channels. As our most popular Urdu bundle, the PAK Mega Pack allows subscribers to tune in to the most exciting movies, dramas, soap operas, news and top-rated family programming that are popular back home on all the top-rated channels like ARY Digital, GEO TV, Express News, GEO News, Masala, and many more.

DISH Network takes pride in rewarding customers with enticing incentives for high-quality satellite services at the best value, which is why we are offering a $75 American Express ® Reward Card when you subscribe to the PAK Mega Pack with a 24-month agreement. (Some restrictions apply to offers. Visit for more information.)

Families living in multiple dwelling units and urban areas where satellite is not available can enjoy the same quality of programming with DISHWorld IPTV. The Urdu Super Pack includes programming from 7 different channels to entertain every member of the household, whether it’s the best of daily serials such as children’s programs, variety shows and comedies, or daily news and sports programs.

For DISHWorld IPTV, we are offering a $50 American Express Reward Card when you subscribe to the Urdu Super Pack and keep the programming for 90 days. (Some restrictions apply to offers. Visit for more information.)

“Finally, I’ve found a satellite network that speaks my language—literally,” says Baheera Shirani, a first-generation Pakistani living in Brooklyn. “DISH Network’s Urdu package is a real indication of their cultural sensitivity and respect for the cultural diversity of their consumers. No other network offers such a comprehensive Urdu package. I look to DISH Network for the best value available for my channel selections, and unparalleled customer service.”



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