Rafiq Rokerya Honored

Rafiq Rokerya, a senior manager in the field of accounting and taxation, was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal on the 60th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II becoming the Queen of Canada. The ceremony was hosted by the honorable MP, Brad Butt, and endorsed by The Governor General of Canada. The medal was presented to Mr Rokerya in recognition of his devotion, hard work, commitment, dedication, passion and contribution for the betterment of the community and Canada.

Rafiq Rokerya has served in many capacities over the years. He is a steadfast leader, and a committed and hardworking community volunteer. Rafiq has been involved in various volunteer works, as well as fund-raising activities.

Rafiq is the founding leader to the Memon Association of Canada, a South Asian family education and counseling service that connects people in the South Asian community to resources such as family or individual counseling, crisis intervention and social and health services. He provided a unique approach to promoting education and awareness of community issues and resources by co-hosting and producing a radio show for the South Asian community. The show enabled many South Asian newcomers to learn about various social and government services.



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